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Your Plumbing Doesn’t Like Hurricanes Either

Part of living the good life in sunny Florida means hurricane season is our fifth season. Hurricanes can uproot trees and down power lines, and cause flooding which can cause expensive damage to your home.

Most people don’t consider plumbing as being at risk from a hurricane. After all, it’s underground, right? A common assumption is that pipes and drainage systems should be safe and sound. This isn’t always true. Here are some tips to take care of your plumbing before and after a storm:

Before a hurricane

Inspect your property for tree roots – Even when it isn’t hurricane season, tree roots can break through sewer pipes. Check for any roots that might cause problems with your plumbing. If ignored, there’s a chance roots can obstruct your pipes and limit the quality of your water flow. This could occur independently of a storm, but a hurricane could cause more extensive damage. A plumbing professional is capable of detecting problem roots that should be removed before hurricane season begins in earnest – which in Florida is mid- to late summer.

An ounce of prevention- To prevent water damage to your foundation make sure gutters are clean and firmly attached and ensure downspouts are properly installed to direct water away from the house.

Prepare to be without water- Fill sinks and bathtubs with water for emergency use. This is the perfect way to store water for cleaning dishes, bathing or flushing toilets.

During a hurricane

Shut off the water heater – You will not need hot water during a hurricane. Switch off your water heater. Having it operate during a hurricane puts unnecessary pressure on your household plumbing system. The water stored in your water heater is safe to drink, should you need an extra source of usable water.

If you evacuate, turn off main water valve- If flooding begins or you evacuate your home, be sure to turn the main water valve off. By doing this, you’ll help prevent flood water from contaminating your water supply. Flood water can contain very dangerous substances, such as chemicals, feces, and other matters. Protect your family by shutting the main water valve off if flooding begins or if you evacuate.


If you have specific questions on how you can prepare your plumbing, gas, irrigation, or septic for a hurricane contact us here at Mike Scott Plumbing. We can help you and your family prepare or repair any problems resulting from a hurricane.

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