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Your New Years Resolutions: Plumbing edition

According to one a study, of the 45% of people who make New Year’s resolution, only 8% successfully achieve their goals. But not you. Not this year. This is the year you take charge of your life and your plumbing. Your plumbing resolutions for the year should include:

Be nicer to your garbage disposal

Having a garbage disposal in your home is a powerful, handy tool – however, garbage disposals are not indestructible. In fact, it is possible to damage and overload your garbage disposal. This year, avoid tossing any egg shells, grease, pits or seeds, bones, coffee grounds, or stringy foods down your disposal.

Treating your toilet as a trash can

As we all know, it is very easy to simply flush smaller, harmless objects down the toilet when a trash can is not near. However, are these foreign objects actually harmless? Unfortunately, this is a common misconception and causes more damage then we think. Items such as paper towels, dental floss, wet wipes, cigarettes, or q-tips should not be flushed.

Save Water. Seriously. How are you not doing this yet? 

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, consider installing low-flush toilets. This will save you water and money on your next water bill. Our awesome showroom consultants can help you choose a style that both you and the environment will love.

Push it real good (but not real hard…its just a faucet)

Ah – leaky faucets! Everyone’s biggest pet peeve. The biggest misconception when we are faced with a leaky faucet is to push down harder on the handle to make the leak stop. However, this will not solve the problem. Avoid this mistake in 2018 and call Rodger’s Plumbing to help!

Prevent hairy drains

We all know how easily lose hair can flow down our drains, however, stopping this in 2018 will save you the hassle of dealing with clogged drains in the future and will ultimately save you money. The best way to address this issue is by purchasing a hair stopper that catches the hair before it flows down your drain.

Waiting until it’s too late to fix a plumbing problem can be a costly headache. Since we’re here for you 365 days out of the year and don’t charge extra for service on weekends and holidays, give us a call at any time!

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