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Hard water is water that is rich in minerals that can cause serious problems for pipes and water fixtures throughout your home. Over time, pipes could become totally clogged by scale buildup. Hard water can cause ongoing, everyday problems in our plumbing fixtures and potentially cause damage to your water heater.

Two types of treatment systems to tackle hard water are water conditioners and water softeners. Both water conditioners and water softeners are used to address the common problem of water hardness. While these systems both address hard water, they each have different functions and distinct characteristics.

We offer both water softener and water conditioning systems as well as experienced and knowledgeable technicians to install whichever system will meet your needs.

Water softener system

Designed, Engineered, and Built to Last

Patented, slim, single-unit design with built-in bypass valve will serve you for years to come. The Bypass Valve can isolate the softener should it malfunction or leak. It can also permit the use of untreated water for watering plants.

Fast & Quiet Regeneration

Recharges softening media quickly so you don’t experience downtime. After producing 21 gallons, total length of regeneration is 27.5 minutes.

Power Loss Protection

Backup battery saves your settings in case of power loss.

Touchscreen Controller

Modify settings with ease on 2.7” monochrome touchscreen controller. Never run out of soft water with fast and quiet regeneration.

Self-Cleaning Pre-Filter

You’ll never have to fuss with a filter replacement with the self-cleaning pre-filter on board.

Salt and Capacity Range

  • Minimum Capacity/Salt : 8,650 grains/1.66 lbs
  • Middle Capacity/Salt : 33,410 grains/8 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity/Salt : 49,800 grains/15 lbs

Water Conditioner System


With no need for salt bags or backwashing, it has a simple, convenient design.

Reduces Chlorine

By reducing up to 97% of drying chlorine, you will experience softer hair and skin.

Convenient Design

Engineered to work with both city and well water, it will improve water conditions for both.

Not sure which system will work best for you? Call us. We offer consultation and financing. Schedule a consultation by completing the form below or call us at 1.866.314.4443.

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