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Is it just us or do you just sing better in a shower with a free-flowing drain?  One key to a free-flowing drain is proper maintenance. Here are few ways to protect your bathroom drains and pipes from clogs.

An ounce of prevention

Easy and affordable drain grates cover sink and shower drains. These drains encounter a high volume of hair, soap scum, and other material. Also, it helps to run a little hot water through the sink after each use to wash away oil and other build up. Never put anything down the sink other than water and soap.

But know that clogs still happen

Clogs happen to the best of us, even if you think you’re doing everything right. When that happens, try using a plunger to remove the clog. Another solution is pouring boiling water directly into the drain. This may need to be repeated several times to loosen the offending clog.

Get rid of minerals

Mineral build up, also known as limescale, is not good for your plumbing system. It’s unsightly, it can affect water pressure, and wreak havoc on your pipes. Consider installing a whole-home water softener. Water softeners work to remove minerals from water that lead to mineral buildup at the source.

Not interested in a water softener? Use a vinegar-soaked cloth to remove mineral build-up when you clean your bathroom. Let the vinegar-soaked cloth sit in any area affected by mineral build up

Call in the pros

There are times when clogs hit hard and you need to call in a professional to get things flowing again. When that time comes, it’s time to call the plumbing experts at Mike Scott Plumbing. Professional drain cleaning will help remove current clogs and prevent future ones. Better yet, we don’t charge overtime for night and weekend calls. THAT is something to sing about.

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