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Buying a new home? Don’t forget your septic inspection.

There are many things to consider when you are in the market for a new home. A home is more than the rooms inside it; you have to consider the exterior, the roof, garage, and the surrounding property. One aspect of home buying that is often left out is a septic system examination. Because septics exist underground in the backyard, they are often out of sight, thus out of mind. But letting it go too many flushes without an inspection can result in some major problems if the system fails.

A septic inspection is going to tell you what you can expect from any particular septic system. When considering whether or not to buy a home, make sure that you get an accurate and up-to-date assessment of the septic system. An independent evaluation will tell you whether or not the tank, perforated pipes, and drainfield are in good working order. If they are not, the evaluation can tell you what will need to be done to make the system perfect again and how much that is likely to cost. An inspection will also let you know how full the tank is; this will allow you to anticipate having the tank pumped at a future date. is also the maximum amount of time you should let your septic system go without being pumped out.

A problem caught at inspection can save you from having to replace the entire septic system (read: shell out a ton of money). It’s especially important to keep your septic system in good shape if you plan on selling. During closing, a certified inspection will be performed and you don’t want any last-minute surprises.

Who should perform a septic system inspection?

General home inspectors do only a limited, visual-only inspection of the septic system, so you’re going to want to hire a professional septic contractor like Mike Scott Plumbing to perform the inspection.

We will look for cracks in the tank indicated by a low level of liquid, the amount of solids inside the tank, and possible ground contamination.

Our experienced septic system inspectors can:

  • Complete the job quickly and professionally
  • Give you an estimate on the cost of any repairs or maintenance work that needs done
  • Bring years of experience to the examination process
  • Provide an inspection statement that can be relied upon for accuracy
  • Identify lesser-known problems and suggest helpful solutions

When you buy a house you want to be certain that you know what you are getting. You can feel more confident in your purchase when you have a septic system inspection performed by Mike Scott Plumbing. This information may even give you additional leverage when negotiating the price of the home.

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