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A Plumbing Checklist for New Home Buyers

Looking for a new place to call home? Your dream house may include a big backyard, walk-in closets, maybe a barn door or two, but we’re gonna bet that fully functional plumbing is also high on the list of must-haves.


Back To Basics: How To Use A Plunger

Nearly every household has at least one plunger, and when a clog occurs in the bathroom, it’s essential to have on hand. No homeowner wants to be left without a plunger, but have you ever wondered if you’re using your plunger right?


Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

Even in Florida, we love our fireplaces. They are the centerpieces of ambiance in our homes, they warm our toes and our hearts too. It’s important to remember that in spite of their cozy appearance their central function is to produce fire and heat.


Is your toilet running? You better catch it.

If you have a toilet that keeps running after you flush, you may have a lot of concerns. Don’t fret however, it’s usually more annoying than problematic. The hard and environmental costs, however, are substantial.


Your New Years Resolutions: Plumbing edition

According to one a study, of the 45% of people who make New Year’s resolution, only 8% successfully achieve their goals. But not you. Not this year. This is the year you take charge of your life and your plumbing.


Tropical Storms and Your Plumbing

Even though the roof of a home will keep you dry during heavy rainfall, it won’t necessarily protect the plumbing. Here are three things you need to watch out for after a heavy rain.